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September 22, 2021

Friends, I have a confession. I favor watching Breaking Bad over Touched By An Angel; I prefer Mad Max: Fury Road to War Room, and I would rather drill a hole in my head than watch almost anything on PureFlix. Reasonable people may disagree about the artistic merits of the aforementioned titles, and I make […]

September 21, 2021

Youth Group. Those were the days. So much awkwardness, weird over-the-top games, and youth leaders desperately trying to keep up with the trends and get along with us. If you know your Enneagram type, heres how you probably remember your youth group experience: Enneagram 1: Wondering why the youth leader didn’t think through all the […]


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The annual Met Gala was held last night and celebrities piled onto the red carpet to show off their over-the-top looks. Every year the event has a theme for how the celebrities and attendees should dress, and this year the theme was “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion” with the dress code referred to as […]

With the recent release of the most famous Christian artist on earth Kanye West’s newest album Donda, there must be some good songs to talk about, right? While my opinions may be terrible, I hope you enjoy reading this list of how the songs on Donda are trash or fantastic. I chose not to add […]

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Pornography is a cruel mistress that arrives at your lowest, sings her song and then leaves you in further emptiness. However, there is some light in the tunnel. Throughout the course of my addiction, there have been three things that I have learned about God and myself among the web pages of loneliness and lust: […]

As I sat there with some friends inside one of the lowest points of my life, I just wanted someone to listen, someone to look me in the eye and tell me that they see all the pain and frustration in me; that they understood everything that was happening and that they would have my […]

Heartbreak is something that almost everyone on the face of the earth will encounter. We go through rough breakups with someone we cared about. We lose someone close to us. A partner or spouse cheats or hides a dark secret. A friend we hold dear betrays us. We don’t get that promotion, or suddenly face […]

Growing up, gymnastics was my passion, my first love. There is something mystifying about the sport. Whether it’s that split second in the air where you feel like you’re flying or that moment when you perform an incredibly difficult skill and make it look easy, the sport quite literally had me head over heels in […]

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