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July 30, 2021

When I was growing up, I had so many questions about Christianity, the Bible, and Christian life in general, but my problem was, they STAYED in my head. I didn’t have the courage to actually come forward and ask these questions because I didn’t want to be perceived as a problem or an issue. Now, […]

July 29, 2021

Imagine this: You’re 15 years old. It’s the last night of camp. Tomorrow you go home. Back to the mundane. Back to school. Back to normal life with all its baggage.  You’ve been looking forward to tonight all week because you’ve been to camp before and you know tonight is going to be amazing. The […]


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The hand motions, the yelling, the full on energy. Christian kids get ready to TURN UP on Sunday mornings no matter how early it is. Everyone knows some of those Sunday School songs are just flat out better than others, so here are the official rankings of every song you are proud to admit you […]

The inspiration for this article comes from a two day anxiety marathon I recently experienced that culminated into a panic attack that presented while I was at work. It felt like every inhale was not enough, and I needed to think about taking every breath rather than just breathing naturally. I have been dealing with […]

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Growing up, gymnastics was my passion, my first love. There is something mystifying about the sport. Whether it’s that split second in the air where you feel like you’re flying or that moment when you perform an incredibly difficult skill and make it look easy, the sport quite literally had me head over heels in […]

I am a sports fanatic. I crave going to sporting events and cheering on my teams (Green Bay Packers, Baylor Bears, Memphis Grizzlies, Tampa Bay Rays) because that’s one of the things that I love. Naturally, one would think that I was involved in sports when I was younger, and you would be correct! 3 […]

*Trigger Warning: This article includes descriptions of self-harm that may be difficult to read for those struggling* Opening my Styrofoam to-go tray like a treasure chest, I basked at the glory of the culinary masterpiece I had picked out from a buffet for dinner. We were minutes from beginning yet another long shift so I […]

I want you to know something before we get into things.   I am a father of two bright, fun-loving boys. One is wildly creative, passionate, energetic, and loves painting, reading, and all things artsy.  The other is just… well, wild.  We call him “Muscles,” “Baby Bear,” or “Tank.”  He literally smashes his head against things […]

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