Weekend Wrap-Up | Barkey Puppy Update

Something I’ve learned as a business owner, is that weekends are such an important time to invest in family and friends…and just to relax. Yes, this means that my week is usually spent exercising time management skills, and working hard, but when it means a weekend spent on what matters most? So worth it.

I spent Friday at my sisters, watching all three High School Musical movies. It definitely brought me back to my high school (and college) days, except this time, I got to drink wine while watching it.  Brent spent the evening at home watching movies I wouldn’t like would hate with the pup (his happy place).

Saturday we spent staying in our pajamas until the afternoon, and making a yummy lunch together. It was nice just to have time together. No plans. No expectations.  We ended the evening having dinner gucamole with Kelly and Ben. Just being friends. No business. It was the perfect way to end the evening.

Sunday was church in the morning (we even got there early enough that I could enjoy a chai latte on the way), puppy cuddles, homemade soup, and cuddles on the couch.

In other words, life is good in the Barkey home.

Barkey Puppy Update

(Let’s be real, that’s why you are really reading this blog…)

Elske the Puppy is doing well! She knows how to sit, go down, spin, stay, come….and…pee in her crate. <Insert half-laugh here> Yep! We aren’t sure why our super smart pup still feels the need to pee in her crate, but we are having an adventure figuring it out. If you would have asked me 2 years ago, I would have laughed at the idea of YouTubing videos like, ‘How to Crate Train Your Dog,’ or ‘How Long Does Crate Training Take,’ or ‘Dear Lord, Help My Dog Not Pee in Her Crate.’ Not serious about the last one… Kind of. Either way, she is a super good pup, and is learning more and more everyday!

Thankfully, I have the good end of the stick, and just get to have the puppy love. In other words, Brent picks up the poop outside. #win

If you really just scrolled down to see a bunch of pictures of Elske, here you go! And if you came to see the video of Brent tripping on his face, keep scrollin’….












Yes, I do have a ‘puppy voice.’ #noshame

Without further ado, here is my husband, folks. Please don’t judge me for laughing at him right away. I promise I asked if he was ok…

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