December 21, 2015

This One Time We Kind Of Broke the Internet Over a Bet (Plus a Puppy Update)

Well. Here we are.

If you know anything about Brent and I, we live some very weird lives.

In fact, when we were first engaged, we joked that our lives together as husband and wife will either be:

  1. Insanely weird, because we are combing both our weird lives
  2. or not weird at all (as if they cancel each other out or something…?)

Well, so far, our marriage has proved closer to #1, and this past week was no different. You see, Brent has wanted a puppy since I’ve known him.  Meaning that for almost 4 years, I’ve heard about how desperately he wants a dog, and how he would do anything to have one.  I, however, didn’t grow up with dogs, so while I’m not against them, I’m in no rush!

If you know anything about Brent and I, we are both kind of pretty competitive, so we like to make a lot of fun bets in our marriage.  So when on Tuesday night, Brent and I started looking online at different breeds, seeing what kinds of dogs that I like (or might like), Brent’s mind started churning.

“If I can get 10,000 re-tweets on Twitter, can we get a dog?”
“haha I bet you’ll get like, 50.”
“Me too. So…you’re in?”
*Insert sleepy hand-shake here*

While I kind of forgot about it when we woke up the next morning, Brent came into the bedroom with a sign that he wanted to me hold for his tweet. Knowing that he wouldn’t be able to get 10,000, I held the sign, took the picture, and went on with my day.  Little did I know, the internet would explode. Oops.

I also didn’t realize that people like Keith Olbermann, a few Packers players, and of course, my favorite, Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia from Star Wars) would retweet….

Screen shot 2015-12-20 at 10.04.30 PM

…causing the final retweets to approach the 11k mark…and my face to be seen by almost 1million people (919,313 to be exact). Ummmm, ok? Brent also got notified that we were trending in Australia, Canada, and other various countries/states.


To be honest, Brent and I explain it as probably the weirdest few days in our past year of marriage. What started as a joke has now caused my newsfeed to blow up with pictures of dogs, 9/10 text messages in the past few days have asked about what breed we want, and conversations can’t happen with a quick, ‘so what really happened…’

I also learned a few lessons along the way:

  1. People on the internet have way too much time on their hands
  2. Never put Brent up to a challenge regarding puppies. He will find a way.
  3. Princess Leia was Brent’s ‘only hope.’ She succeeded.

Puppy Update:

Truth is, we always knew we were going to get a puppy, it was just a matter of when….and it still kind of is.  We really want to make sure we find a puppy that is a right fit for us, and works with our needs. In other words, we definitely don’t want to rush the decision to find the right dog!

And yes, for the thousands of tweets that Brent has gotten, and the few texts I’ve received about it…we are going to adopt.

We’ve been looking at breeds that might fit our lifestyle, and just playing it by ear at this point.

So, no, just because the Internet told us to get a dog, doesn’t mean we are going to run out and get one right away.  We know dogs are a responsibility, and so we want to make sure we are doing it the right way!

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