Our Seattle Adventure So Far

It’s hard to believe, but Brent and I have officially been in Seattle for 3 whole weeks! Brent arrived about a month before I did, but since I’ve moved in, we’ve already had a wonderful start to this new adventure as husband and wife.

To be honest, whenever we are asked how our time has been here so far, we tell people that it feels a bit more like an extended vacation, than it does a move. I mean, the weather has been amazing, we’ve eaten out more than we care to admit (or more than our ‘Restaurant’ budget cares to admit…), and we are hardly settled into our new place. But you know what? We are totally ok with that. If our time here always feels like vacation? We consider that a win.


On a differernt note, we love our apartment! It’s located in the.most.perfect.spot.ever. We live in the Ballard Neighborhood, which means that we are walkable distance from everything. Restaurants (again, so dangerous), boutique shopping, farmer’s markets, dog parks, beaches, mountain views…the list goes on and on. We love it. So far, we’ve taken advantage of going on walks everyday, and ending the evening on our rooftop with a glass of wine and sunset views. If it sounds unreal, we thought so too…and then it became real life. No complaints here!


In terms of being ‘moved in,’ well…that’s a process. But we have a couch! And a bed! And a table! No chairs…but…a table! And a rug! So, it’s getting there! Slowly, but surely, this place will become home, but in the meantime, we are a little family of 3 (Hi, Elske!), and we aren’t complaining.

Brent is loving his job with Power 93.3, and is seriously so good at it (he’s so embarrassed knowing I’m writing this). It’s true though. He was made for this job. He gets to use his creativity, and I couldn’t be prouder. I don’t mind him being home by noon everyday either!

Elske is probably benefitting the most from the move out here so far (insert laughing emoji here…but it’s true!). I mean, she gets to the dog park everyday, has ‘socialized’ with more dogs than are probably in the state of Minnesota, and has no shortage of strangers wanting to pet her all the time (note: it took us like, 4 times longer to get through the Farmer’s Market with her…). In other words, she is doing so well, and getting cuter by the second (I can’t believe I am saying that).


Seattle life has treated us well, and truthfully, we are excited for what the next couple years have in store for us.

The Lord has blessed us so much with this adventure already, and the fact that we get to do this with each other? That’s pretty darn cool.

A Few Seattle Must-Haves:

  1. Amy says:

    This is so good to hear! Happy for you 3!!! Change can be so good:)

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