December 3, 2015

Our Vows + A Peek Into Our Wedding Ceremony

Our Vows

I choose you to be my spouse, my friend, and my only love.

I promise in covenant, to be a Godly and faithful spouse, demonstrating Christ’s love for us, by accepting you as you are…with all your strengths and faults.

I will remain yours in plenty and in want, in sickness and in health, in failure and in celebration.

I promise to respect your aspirations, recognizing that mutual respect requires mutual sacrifice.

I will encourage your dreams, for through them, you shine.

I will cherish, comfort, and encourage you. Be open with you, laugh, and cry with you. I vow to create a safe space for you, and put you before all others.

When we struggle in these efforts, we will restore each other, by embracing our challenges. Together, and with the Lord, we will emerge stronger than before.

I vow all of this to you knowing that none of it can be fulfilled through my own strength, but only as I continually strive to live in the strength, grace, and love God provides us. My greatest desire is to love you as Jesus Christ loves His Church.

I love you.

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Photos by the ever-fabulous Kate Bentley Photography!

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