Our Bedroom Update + An (Embarrassing) Lesson in Home-Ownership

Happy Tuesday! As Brent and I slowly settle into our home (and I do mean slowly), our Bedroom feels more and more like it’s coming together! When there isn’t a pile of laundry on the floor, it even feels like it might, just might, be picture perfect.  Truth: the pile of laundry is reality and by no means am I expecting that to change anytime soon. #truelife

If you didn’t get the chance to peek at our original Bedroom inspiration, you should head over here! I’m proud to say we haven’t gotten that off base! Progress over perfection people, and I’m loving it!

OH! And funny story for our friends and family that are reading this (Hi, Mom!).

Brent and I experienced our first weekend of true ‘home-ownership.’ In our attempt to be pro-active (emphasis on attempt since we’ve been talking about doing this for weeks now…) before winter, we turned off the water to the outside (gotta do this so the pipes don’t freeze!).  Well…we…shut off the gas instead.  AAAAND didn’t discover that it was off until Brent tried to make dinner on the stove that evening.  Without realizing what the problem was, we had our ‘Gas Guy’ over here taking a look and making sure there wasn’t a gas leak. Yep. He came all the way over to our house to tell us ‘ummm…you turned your gas off.’ Yep. He literally turned a handle and everything was back to normal.

Lesson to new Homeowners:

Know the difference between your gas line and your water line. It will save you an embarrassing ‘you-mean-that’s-the-gas?’ moment.

Ok! Back to the Bedroom Update:

Bedroom 4Bedroom 7Bedroom 5Bedroom 3Bedroom 1Bedroom 2Bedroom 8Bedroom 6

PS- Isn’t Brent’s bed-head cute? *Ahem* He’s such a good sport…


1 | Headboard   2 | Pillow (Similar)   3 | Light (I DIY’ed this!)   4 | Frame

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