That One Time I Threw-Up in a McDonald’s Parking Lot

I feel like I should start off this post with an apology. I mean, I’ve hardly documented our pregnancy thus far, we are on week 25, and I’m starting off our #BarkeyBabyBump blog posts by writing about a time I threw up in a McDonald’s parking lot. I feel like I should be writing about ‘the glow’ or our registry but….goodness, Brent and I are such classy people – aren’t we? So here is my formal apology.  Please forgive me.

Now, back to me throwing up.

To be honest, I’ve been super blessed with an extremely easy pregnancy. Sure, I’ve had symptoms like some back pain here and there, some food aversions, and yes, my boobs have grown 4 cups sizes (this is a true story – sorry Dad if you’re reading this #tmi)…but all-in-all, we’ve had what our doctor likes to call a ‘boring pregnancy.’ This includes a reasonably low amount of morning sickness during my first trimester. I would occasionally experience some ‘waves’ of nausea, but looking back, I can count on 1 (maybe 2?) hands how many times I actually was sick during my first trimester…and all of the times I can remember are actually hilarious stories.

Hence, the McDonald’s parking lot.

Brent and I had just had our first major doctor’s appointment where they took my major vitals, started chatting with us about the hospital, etc. Our doctor was asking how I was feeling, since at this point (9ish weeks?), the majority of woman are experiencing some sort of ‘symptoms’ of pregnancy (ie: morning sickness).

Honestly, at this point, I’d experienced nothing. Not a single wave of nausea, let alone vomiting. So we left the doctor’s appointment and went on with our day – working, doing errands, and seeing some friends.

Well, that night we were driving home after doing errands, and I was texting a friend about meeting up for breakfast that weekend. Read: This is when I quickly learned that texting in the car while pregnant is not a good idea. I repeat, not a good idea.

We were blocks away from pulling into our apartment, and I said to Brent, ‘It’s happening. I’m going to throw-up.’ At first it felt like a right of passage, but then I was like ‘Nope. This isn’t cool.’

‘Like, right now?

‘Like, pull over immediately.’

So we pulled into a McDonald’s parking lot, I opened the door, and immediately started throwing up….outside the car door….while a homeless man watched approximately 5 feet away.

It wasn’t my most glamorous moment.

Brent, not sure what to do, runs into the McDonald’s, skips everyone in line, and shouts to the employee that his wife is vomiting and he needs water (a bit dramatic but…he was desperate to help). 

And here is where I learned that ‘morning sickness’ is a funny thing. As soon as I was done throwing up, I was ready to rally. I felt 100%. To the point where, yes, we did go through the drive-thru…and yes…

did order an M&M McFlurry (thank you very much).



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