We’re Moving…to Seattle

“Where you go I’ll go, and where you stay I’ll stay”
Ruth 1:16

Want to know something funny? At the beginning of this year, Brent and I prayed that 2016 would be a year of living fearlessly. A year of living boldly. A year of living outside of our comfort zone. We chose ‘Fearless’ as our 2016 word, and now, secretly, I’m laughing (and quite bittersweet) about that.

Little did we know, that sometimes, prayers take form into wild adventures that you would never have dreamed of.

Yes, we are moving to Seattle.

About a month ago, Brent got an email from his old boss at the radio station here in Minneapolis. He had moved to Seattle about a year ago, and had a position open to executive produce the top hits morning show. He asked Brent, ‘Ever think about coming out of retirement?’

At first, we laughed. Moving to Seattle? That seems crazy. We just bought a house. We just started ‘settling down.’ We got a dog. A backyard. A fence.

But something tugged at us to ask more questions. After all, this is Brent’s dream job.

After about a month of chatting with his (now again) boss, as well as the co-hosts of the show he will be producing…it was official. We were moving to Seattle!

It’s definitely bittersweet, as we were never actively looking for a job like this for Brent…but when opportunities like this land on your lap, it’s pretty hard to pass up. Plus, we’ve only heard amazing things about Seattle. Insert: beaches, mountains, warmer weather, Starbucks…

When Brent and I got married, we knew that our lives were about to become one extreme or the other: super boring, or super adventurous. Clearly, in the past year, it’s been the later…and we can’t complain!

Since telling our close family and friends, we’ve had a lot of the same questions (makes sense! This is super crazy!), so hopefully we can answer most here:

  1. When do you move? Well…..soon. This whole thing is very fast, which is definitely a bit overwhelming! Brent starts on March 14th, and I will most likely be moving the first weekend in April.
  2. What about the house? The timing is crazy (almost too perfect), but my sister was looking for a new place to live! And her lease was up right around the time we are moving. So she is going to move-in and rent from us. It’s a total win-win!
  3. Are you going to rent? Or buy? For at least the first year, we are going to rent! I told Brent that if we moved half-way across the country, I wanted to be in the city – immersed in all of the amazing things that Seattle has to offer (or so we hear!). We found a great apartment right in the city, with rooftop views, an awesome gym (hahahaha), and beautiful amenities. Also, it’s insanely expensive to buy a house in Seattle. Soooo….
  4. What about the dog? Little did we know, everyone has a dog in Seattle! In fact, our apartment has a dark park…on the roof. Yep. So we are most definitely bringing little Elske along for the adventure.
  5. How are you feelingHonestly, a little numb at this point. But truly, truly, excited about the adventure of exploring a new city together! We don’t have kids at this point in our lives, and so really, there is no better time to move half-way across the country, hand in hand. Having weird lives isn’t anything new to us, so this just adds to the adventure!
  6. What about your business? Everything that we do over at With Grace and Gold is totally remote! In fact, we hardly work with people that are local (the name of the game!). Our business shouldn’t be affected at all, the only bummer will be missing the 1.5 hour drive to see my biz partner/bff!

Of course, thanks for all your support and love as we are adventuring into this well, nutty time!

If you love Seattle, we would love to know the coolest places to visit, eat, drink, eat, tour, eat, and…did I mention eat? Just comment below!

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  1. Amy says:

    Oh my gosh, this is very exciting news for you two! I love the fact that you guys are up for the challenge:) I only know about you because of your husband-ha. I love Cities 97 and still miss The Oake & Keri show, your husband was really really good at producing that. So good luck and I love this blog, I’ll keep up posts. I told my husband that I want to stop getting in my own way and find my way to doing something that I like a lot as far as my job/career goes. I used to be a small mkt radio dj and still miss it. Good Luck Barkeys!

    • Andra Barkey says:

      Hello, Amy! Thank you so much for stopping by – so sweet of you! 🙂 Thanks for your sweet words as well! We are excited to be in Seattle for a new adventure, and of course, it’s exciting to see Brent back in the producing role (what he was made for!) 🙂 Thanks again for reading and following along with this crazy journey! Good luck to you too!!

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