October 28, 2015

Living Room Styling

[su_dropcap style=”flat”]T[/su_dropcap]his weekend, we finally painted our Living Room…WHITE. Yep – white! I love the way it creates a bright and clean atmosphere, and creates a blank slate for us me to decorate like crazy.  Lately, I’ve been super inspired by the Mid-Century Modern looks and textures (as you’ll see with our Bedroom Inspiration), which is actually perfect, since we bought a Mid-Century home!

My favorite part of our Living Room is our fireplace, complete with a stone wall. Yes, stone wall. We are talking floor to ceiling, wall to wall, stone. When we first moved in, I wasn’t 100% on-board with it, but since, this has honestly become one of my favorite features in our home. I am really looking forward to putting the finishing styling touches on our Living Room, and accenting this wall even more!

Of course, I’ll keep you posted with photos as we ‘complete’ it (complete is a loose term, because let’s be real, styling is a never-ending process in my book!). In the meantime, enjoy this little peek of inspiration!

PS-For those that are familiar with our current Living Room Rug (ahem, remember THIS story?), don’t worry! We still love this rug, and it’s most likely getting it’s new home in my office (my toes are cold in there…).


Layered Jute Rug | Layered Patterned Rug | Marble Shelf | Greenery
Circle Mirror | Leather Pouf | Blue Pillow

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