Gift Guide for Foodies

This gift guide is perfect for the foodie, wanna-be-foodie, striving-to-be-foodie, married-to-foodie (raises hand…), or the I-just-like-pretty-things-in-my-kitchen-foodie (also raises hand…).

If you know anything about our relationship in the kitchen, Brent does all the cooking, and I do all the eating. It’s how we do things around here, and no one is complaining! You see, Brent enjoys doing it, and he also likes knowing that I’m eating more than cereal and just-add-water pancakes for every meal (truth!).  The other problem is, we both love eating good food! So even if I can’t make it, I know a good meal when I see one.

We look forward to our evenings together, sharing conversation over a good meal, which is why this Gift Guide is so important! Get a gift for the foodie in your life (or your inner-foodie), and share in some great conversation over a great meal in the kitchen!

1 | Marble Rolling Pin from One Kings Lane. 2 | French Press Coffee Maker from Macys. 3 | Chambray Apron from One Kings Lane. 4 | Marble and Wood Serveware from Macys. 5 | Mortar & Pestle from Kohls. 6 | Spice Grinder Set from MENU. 7 | Bountiful Cookbook from Gilt. 8 | Copper KitchenAid Mixer from Macys.

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