September 23, 2015

DIY | Ikea Pendant Sconce

If you saw our Bedroom Inspiration, you learned that I was on the hunt for the perfect lighting for above our nightstands, and while I found a few I loved, I couldn’t justify the price that we would need to spend to get the look we wanted: the perfect balance between mid-century-esque and modern.

Through my hunt, I found this…and instantly, I knew. It was it. I loved the free-hanging light attached to the bracket! But together, the bracket and cord kit cost $63.00, and to get two sets? That was well over what we had in mind.

But I knew that I could make this happen for cheaper! <Enter DIY>

DIY Ikea Pendant Sconce

You’ll need:


This is the simplest DIY ever…

  1. Simply screw the bracket into the wall, where you want it. Since Ikea makes everything basic and simple to begin with, you could consider spray painting the bracket to match your style! I liked the way the wood gave a mid-century vibe, so I kept it simple.
  2. Next, wrap the cord around the bracket, however you’d like! You could make it super clean, or a little messier (the way I like it!).
  3. Put your bulb in, plug ‘er in, and boom! Voila!

The best part? Total cost=$12.00.

Yep! Thats a difference of $51 (over $100 for 2 of them!). We have these on either side of our bed, and absolutely love it!

PS-I can’t wait to show you a full look at our Bedroom! It’s come a long way since sharing our inspiration! You’ll find a few of these things in our bedroom:

  1. jess says:

    ahhhh this is so gorgeous + simple! I love love love it!

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