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WE ARE DEBT FREE! | We thought hard about whether we should share this or not, since we know it can be a huge burden to some, and a struggle for others. But then we realized that this is a big deal that needs to be celebrated!

In the past year and a half, Brent and I have gotten married, put $45,000 down on a house (yes, we still have our mortgage!), and paid off nearly $20,000 in loans (looking at you, student loans!), oh, and moved half way across the country too! This isn’t to say we make a lot of money, because trust me, we don’t! In fact, you probably make more money than us! 😉 This isn’t to put praise on us either. This is to encourage you – you can do it too.

But it doesn’t come without Did it mean saying yes to coffee dates, and no to the coffee part? Yep. Did it mean spending only $50 on clothing the entire first year of our marriage? Yep. Did it mean saying no to fancy vacations and dinner nights out? You bet. It meant saying no to shiny new toys, fancy hair ($7 box color y’all!), and Target shopping sprees (the heaven of money spending!). It meant weekly updating our budget so we knew what we could spend each week. It meant talking finances, crying at frustration (and honest talk – jealousy!), and celebrating small victories.

With every ‘no,’ we knew we were saying ‘yes!’ to living like no one else, so that now, we can GIVE like no one else. And you know what else is crazy? We had SO much fun along the way! Date night was building forts and going to see the matinee. It was free outdoor movie nights and stay-cations. Y’all, living on a budget is freeing and dare I say it… Fun! We have had the best year and a half, and know that living like this has set us up for so many amazing things – like living + GIVING. We know our happiness isn’t from stuff, and instead, making memories together.

So the night we paid of off our debt all on our own (2 months ago!) we celebrated with drinks. But don’t worry – they were in the budget! 😉 So Cheers to debt free living!

Ps – I’ve had some requests from family and friends to write more about living on a budget and paying off debt, and I’m thinking about it! Is this something you would want to know more about?

  1. Sandra says:

    Great piece; good for you! You are inspiring!

  2. Lauren Listor (Adriance) says:

    I would definitely love to know more about how you and brent live on a budget! I’ve been the budgeteer for my husband and I but would love to know how you do it! 🙂

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