January 20, 2016

Date Night with Dealflicks | Hello, Money Saving Marriage Tips!

Brent and I will be married one whole year in just a few weeks….can you believe it? We can’t! This year has gone incredibly fast. It’s been one filled with ups and downs, laughter and tears (mostly on my part), triumphs and failures. Truly, it’s been everything we ever dreamed in marriage, and it’s been one incredible year.

When we made the most important promise we would ever make to one another, we also promised that we would always date one another. No. Matter. What.

This means, even when we are too lazy, or even when I’m up to my eyeballs in work…we will still set aside specific time to just be with one another.

Well, if you also know anything about Brent and I, we like to be money-saving-machines (I’m half-kidding about the machines part). Our goal is to be debt-free (besides our mortgage!) by our first anniversary (only a few more weeks to go!), which means that we can get pretty creative when it comes to date night at our house!

Enter Dealflicks!

When I discovered Dealflicks, it was a total WIN for date night. Let’s face it, going to the movies is fun…but expensive. Unless you can get 60% off! Right? Right?

You simply just look up your Zip Code, select the movie you want to see, date/time, and then voila! Hint: You get even more money off when you buy 2 tickets. *FIST BUMP*

Our tips for when you go to the movies for date night?

Make sure to do something face-to-face before or after too. So you can get quality time talking with one another (or just making out. That works too.)

Happy date night to you and your someone!
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