June 23, 2016

Come Visit Seattle | Friendship Edition

Seattle Lifestyle Blogger | NJ Boy Meets WI GIrl

A couple weeks ago, we had our first Non-Family Visitor come to Seattle, and it was seriously too much fun. My friend Tarah of Tarah Elise Photography came to visit (funny enough – we met because she was one of our Clients over at With Grace and Gold! I love how Clients can become dear friends, and man oh man, I love this lady). We explored the highlights of Seattle, ate some way too much ice cream, and watched *ahem* a total of 6 hours of The Bachelorette. I’d say, it was a success.

Mostly though, I’m posting this video to show you how much fun Seattle is! So you should come visit too! And then I can make another fun video! Get it? Come visit!

PS- Thanks to Tarah for the wider shots in this video! She brought along her GoPro, aaaand now I want one.


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