July 10, 2017

We recently had some newborn photos taken of our sweet Ellis, and here are a few of my favorites! Truth be told, it was really difficult to pic favorites, because Lauren of Lauren Kirkbride Photography did such an amazing job! I’m so glad that we have these photos, so that we can always remember how little he […]

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July 6, 2017

For the mamas that appreciate a good sale (who doesn’t?!), this post is for you! Aden + Anais (one of my favorite brands for baby!) is having a huge sale on their summer goodies – 40% OFF! I love this brand, because they almost exclusively use muslin – a super breathable cotton fabric! It allows […]

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June 26, 2017

To be honest, writing this seems a bit surreal. For starters, our due date isn’t for a few more days, and here I am, rocking a 4 week-old baby to sleep. 4. Weeks. Old. And yet, I’d have it no other way, because this past month has been the most joyous and most trying of […]

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March 18, 2017

I feel like I should start off this post with an apology. I mean, I’ve hardly documented our pregnancy thus far, we are on week 25, and I’m starting off our #BarkeyBabyBump blog posts by writing about a time I threw up in a McDonald’s parking lot. I feel like I should be writing about […]

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NJ Boy Meets WI Girl

"Brent and I have gotten married, put $45,000 down on a house, and paid off nearly $20,000 in loans..."


"yes, we did go through the drive-thru… and yes… I DID ORDER AN M&M MCFLURRY (THANK YOU VERY MUCH)."