April 25, 2016

It’s hard to believe, but Brent and I have officially been in Seattle for 3 whole weeks! Brent arrived about a month before I did, but since I’ve moved in, we’ve already had a wonderful start to this new adventure as husband and wife. To be honest, whenever we are asked how our time has […]

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February 27, 2016

“Where you go I’ll go, and where you stay I’ll stay” Ruth 1:16 Want to know something funny? At the beginning of this year, Brent and I prayed that 2016 would be a year of living fearlessly. A year of living boldly. A year of living outside of our comfort zone. We chose ‘Fearless’ as […]

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February 9, 2016

Happy Anniversary to us! Can I say that? Well, I just did. It’s hard to believe that we have taken an entire trip around the sun as husband and wife. And man, what a trip around the sun it has been! While yes, our anniversary isn’t until this weekend (Valentine’s Day!), we are actually going […]

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January 25, 2016

Something I’ve learned as a business owner, is that weekends are such an important time to invest in family and friends…and just to relax. Yes, this means that my week is usually spent exercising time management skills, and working hard, but when it means a weekend spent on what matters most? So worth it. I spent Friday […]

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December 21, 2015

Well. Here we are. If you know anything about Brent and I, we live some very weird lives. In fact, when we were first engaged, we joked that our lives together as husband and wife will either be: Insanely weird, because we are combing both our weird lives or not weird at all (as if […]

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November 16, 2015

Happy Tuesday! As Brent and I slowly settle into our home (and I do mean slowly), our Bedroom feels more and more like it’s coming together! When there isn’t a pile of laundry on the floor, it even feels like it might, just might, be picture perfect.  Truth: the pile of laundry is reality and by […]

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"Brent and I have gotten married, put $45,000 down on a house, and paid off nearly $20,000 in loans..."


"yes, we did go through the drive-thru… and yes… I DID ORDER AN M&M MCFLURRY (THANK YOU VERY MUCH)."