March 18, 2017

I feel like I should start off this post with an apology. I mean, I’ve hardly documented our pregnancy thus far, we are on week 25, and I’m starting off our #BarkeyBabyBump blog posts by writing about a time I threw up in a McDonald’s parking lot. I feel like I should be writing about […]

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NJ Boy Meets WI Girl

August 17, 2016

WE ARE DEBT FREE! | We thought hard about whether we should share this or not, since we know it can be a huge burden to some, and a struggle for others. But then we realized that this is a big deal that needs to be celebrated! In the past year and a half, Brent and […]

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Debt Free | NJ Boy Meets WI Girl | Seattle Blogger

August 11, 2016

Even though what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas, we had too much fun to keep it to ourselves! Karyn (my sister if you’re an internet stranger reading this!) and I both have August birthdays, and so this year to celebrate, my mom suggested a trip to Vegas, and we couldn’t say […]

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Las Vegas | Seattle Blogger | NJ Boy Meets Wi Girl

June 23, 2016

A couple weeks ago, we had our first Non-Family Visitor come to Seattle, and it was seriously too much fun. My friend Tarah of Tarah Elise Photography came to visit (funny enough – we met because she was one of our Clients over at With Grace and Gold! I love how Clients can become dear friends, and […]

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Seattle Lifestyle Blogger | Visit Seattle

June 3, 2016

Happy Friday! PHEW! This week was a busy one…especially getting back into the work grind after an amazing Memorial Day Weekend spent with the Barkeys….in Vancouver, British Columbia! Yep, we drove a couple hours to spend time with our neighbors up north, and truly, it made me fall in love with living in the Pacific Northwest. […]

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NJ Boy Meets WI Girl | Vancouver, BC | Seattle Lifestyle Blogger

May 3, 2016

This past weekend, Brent and I decided it was time to be true Seattleites (is that what we are called now?) and explore some hiking trails. Let’s be real, we aren’t really…’hikers’…so Brent asked a Co-Worker for some recommendations, and he suggested the Coal Creek Falls Trail. Perfect. We packed up our pup, a nice lunch, […]

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"Brent and I have gotten married, put $45,000 down on a house, and paid off nearly $20,000 in loans..."


"yes, we did go through the drive-thru… and yes… I DID ORDER AN M&M MCFLURRY (THANK YOU VERY MUCH)."