June 26, 2017

Birth Story Part I • God’s Perfect Timing

To be honest, writing this seems a bit surreal. For starters, our due date isn’t for a few more days, and here I am, rocking a 4 week-old baby to sleep. 4. Weeks. Old.

And yet, I’d have it no other way, because this past month has been the most joyous and most trying of my life. This past month has been filled with the highest highs and the lowest lows, and when I reflect on all that has happened in the last month, one thing is true: God has the most perfect timing, and His hand has been a part of this entire last month (so very clearly!).

Before jumping into the nitty gritty of Ellis’ birth story, I wanted to document the timeline of his birth, and really, the week leading up to his birth. When I look at the timeline, it gives me chills thinking of all that has happened and how it couldn’t be more perfect.

Monday, May 15th – Brent received a call from his old boss at Cities 97 in Minneapolis, asking if he would like to return as a full-time producer for their morning show. At 34 weeks pregnant, we were hesitant to accept right away, and asked if the move could wait until August….it couldn’t. So after some tears (heck, I loved Seattle!) and conversation, we decided that as long as my doctor cleared me to move at 34 weeks, we’d accept! I called my sister, Karyn, immediately, and asked if she could help us find a place to live. This was the only week that she had off between ending her school semester, and starting her full-time summer internship (what are the chances of that?), so she gladly volunteered to help!

Tuesday, May 16th – I visited my doctor and got ‘cleared’ to travel, so long as I flew in the next week! Brent officially accepted the position, and Karyn started our apartment hunt in Minneapolis. And when I say hunt, I mean…she looked at an insane number of apartments, and found us the perfect spot.

Wednesday, May 17th – Brent had his last day of work at Power 93.3 (grateful for an understanding boss, and being transferred from iHeart to iHeart!), came home, and immediately started packing our place (I was pretty useless at 34 weeks pregnant). We officially signed a lease on a new place in Minneapolis, and let our current apartment know that we would be moving…in a week.

Thursday, May 18th and Friday, May 19th – I continued to work as I was crazy-busy preparing from Maternity Leave, and Brent continued to pack up our entire Seattle apartment.

Saturday, May 20th through Monday, May 22nd – Our friends (and business partner!) Kelly and Ben were in Seattle to visit and vacation, so we surprised them with a packed up apartment to let them know that we were moving back to Minneapolis! That weekend we started to say our goodbyes to the dear friends we had made, and explored and played ‘tourists’ one last time in Seattle.

Tuesday, May 23rd – Brent’s dad flew into Seattle to help Brent make the long trek half-way across the United States with a packed uHaul, and of course, our pup. I also flew back to Minneapolis that day. Brent I would spend Tuesday through Thursday morning apart, so as I left he said ‘just keep your legs crossed until I get there!’ Of course, the chances of me going into labor were very slim, so we both weren’t worried about it! When I arrived in Minneapolis, Karyn picked me up from the airport, and my mom asked if we could Facetime that evening. Within hours of arriving ‘home,’ I learned that my mom had been diagnosed with cancer. Peritoneal cancer to be exact. Within hours of getting off the airplane, I had never been more thankful to be home.

Wednesday, May 24th – As you can imagine, this day was hard. Karyn had returned to work, and Brent was still making his way with his dad and the truck. Truthfully, I spent most of the day watching terrible Netflix movies, eating bowls of cereal, and staying in my pjs. My mom’s oncology appointment wasn’t until the next day, so we were left with lots of thoughts and unanswered questions.

Thursday, May 25th – Brent had arrived in Minneapolis! At 10am, I met Brent and his dad at our new apartment, and we got the ‘tour’ of our new place (having signed a lease without seeing it!). We unloaded our boxes in our new place, had some lunch, and started to get ready to leave for our doctor’s appointment at 2. I was anxious to get to our doctor’s appointment because 1) we hadn’t even met our new doctor that would be taking care of the last 5 weeks of our pregnancy and 2) I wanted to get ‘cleared’ to travel again, this time to Milwaukee, so that we could spend the weekend as a family with my mom.

We arrived at our doctor’s appointment (4 hours after ‘moving in’ to our new place!), met with the doctor, and did some testing to make sure that I was cleared to travel. Confident, our doctor told us that we were most likely good to go! Well…after receiving the test results back, it turns out that I was leaking amniotic fluid, and needed to go to the hospital to start the labor process. Right then. No ‘packing a hospital bag’ or anything…we were headed straight to the hospital!

I called my mom, who at the same exact time was finding out initial information regarding her cancer and treatment (again, what are the chances?), and told her the news! Plans changed, and rather than us heading to Milwaukee, it looked like my family was headed to Minneapolis to be there for the birth of their first grandbaby!

Thursday afternoon through Saturday, May 27th – My family and Brent’s dad worked hard at getting our apartment together (remember, we had only been to our apartment for 4 hours before heading to the hospital!), while we were at the hospital making progress on the birth of our babe. At 6:48am (after 38 hours!) on Saturday, May 27th, little Ellis was born just under 5 weeks early. (More to come on the amazingness of our doctors, nurses, hospital, etc. later – this post is already too long to include our entire birth story!)



So while some might chalk up the timings on coincidence, to me, you just can’t. There are too many things that fell perfectly into place for me to understand, but I know it’s so much greater than me anyways.

‘God Winks’

  1. The only week that Karyn had off during her summer was when we needed her to look at apartments for us.
  2. Had we still lived in Seattle, I wouldn’t have been able to see my mom or be with my family during hard time of finding out about my mom’s diagnosis (you can’t travel or fly after 35 weeks pregnant!).
  3. Had Ellis come closer to his due date, my mom wouldn’t have been able to meet or hold her grandson until he was old enough that we could travel home to Milwaukee with him (she had surgery last week, and so she wouldn’t have been able to travel to Minneapolis). Crazier yet, if we were in Seattle, Mom wouldn’t have been able to meet or hold her grandson until we could fly with him. Goosebumps.



Sweet baby Ellis, while it may not have been everyone’s ‘Ideal Plan’ to have you 5 weeks early, it was God’s Ideal Plan. May 27th was the perfect due date for you, and we are forever grateful for our little miracle – you!



  1. Rachel Ambjor says:

    Amazing Andra and Brent! Love your faith! Thank you for sharing. ❤️

  2. Julie says:

    I have goosebumps!! This is so cool!! Amen! His plan is always better than ours. Prayers for your momma!

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