Anniversary Celebration

Happy Anniversary to us! Can I say that? Well, I just did. It’s hard to believe that we have taken an entire trip around the sun as husband and wife. And man, what a trip around the sun it has been!

While yes, our anniversary isn’t until this weekend (Valentine’s Day!), we are actually going to be spending it with our Youth Group at their Winter Retreat! We missed the Fall one, and really want to spend the time investing in our teens, so we decided to celebrate our Anniversary a week early. To us, it’s not about the day you celebrate, but rather, how you celebrate.

So this year, Brent made the plans! Apparently we decided that we get to switch off planning? He does odd years, I do even. Honestly, I don’t remember deciding this, but hey…I’m totally game. Plus, I just got to sit back and soak it all in for our first Anniversary.

This year’s theme?

“Things we have always said we wanted to do,
but never did.”

Brent started writing down all the things that we said we wanted to do, but never did…and made them happen. Well, not all of them, because then we would be traveling the world and saving all the orphans and curing world hunger. But you get the idea…

We started the day by going to Dangerous Man Brewery. We have always talked about going (even had a gift card!), but never made the plans, or would frankly, forget we had the gift card. It was fun exploring NE Minneapolis, since we don’t get over the way too often!






Our next stop was the Ice Castles (which are only like, 15 minutes from our house! Score!). This is every Disney Princess’ dream come true, and if your hair looks like Elsa (only with a lot of split ends, and some crazy roots…), it only make sense that you visit the Ice Castles!

They.Are.Beautiful. Seriously! We felt like little kids, since we were probably the oldest adults there that didn’t have children with them, and it was awesome. They are seriously beautiful, and if you get the chance to go…do it.






After our trip to the Ice Castles, we came home and warmed up a bit (no, I did not wear proper shoe attire for a trip to an ICE Castle…). Brent had made reservations at a super swanky restaurant with super swanky desserts and super swanky drinks. In other words, it was swanky.

Brent and I love trying new places, especially if they have yummy cocktails and different desserts! This one was right downtown, so we made sure to get dressed up.  We didn’t take any nice pictures (couldn’t fit my camera in my ‘going out’ dress! I kid…I kid…), but we did grab an iPhone pic or two.

Brent and Andra

When we got back, it was time for some serious business. Fort Building Business.

We build the most epic fort (if I do say so myself), and watched movies the rest of the night, and pretty much all day Sunday (no shame).



It was such a perfect way to celebrate one year of doing life together as husband and wife. Of course, we’ll save the mushy stuff for each other, but we just have to say…marriage is pretty awesome.


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