October 20, 2015

A Few (Ok, A Lot) Of Our Favorite Portraits

Well, this is officially my third Wedding Post, and we aren’t even married yet (in these photos). Oops! Getting there! If you want to see the previous posts, click here and here.

Anyways – we took 95% of our Portraits before the Ceremony, because it was important to us that our guests didn’t have to find something to do after our Ceremony, and instead, could go enjoy a Cocktail Hour followed by Dinner! And guest what…it was important to us too! We wanted to ensure that we spent the maximum amount of time that we could with our guests, so it was important that we didn’t spend hours after the Ceremony in pictures!

We are so glad we made this decision, and it’s definitely one we would recommend to anyone in the depths of planning!

And now…for the good stuff. As always, shout out to Kate Bentley Photography for her amazingness!

Barkey_kbp_0109 Barkey_kbp_0112 Barkey_kbp_0116 Barkey_kbp_0127 Barkey_kbp_0131 Barkey_kbp_0144Barkey_kbp_0129 Barkey_kbp_0128 Barkey_kbp_0153 Barkey_kbp_0175 Barkey_kbp_0174 Barkey_kbp_0171 Barkey_kbp_0201 Barkey_kbp_0203 Barkey_kbp_0204 Barkey_kbp_0208 Barkey_kbp_0209 Barkey_kbp_0210 Barkey_kbp_0222 Barkey_kbp_0224 Barkey_kbp_0232 Barkey_kbp_0239 Barkey_kbp_0247 Barkey_kbp_0254 Barkey_kbp_0258

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If you made it this far – congrats!

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